This page is only to include Assault Rifles from mods that are highly rated and/or aren't cheaply made (Franken Model).

Overview Edit

Assault Rifles are selective-fire rifles that boast a moderate damage per shot with decent accuracy and high rate of fire. They typically take up 8 slots (4x2) and are primary weapons.

List of Assault Rifles Edit

Fiffe's Firearms 4.4 Edit

  • Prowler (HK 416)
  • Polon (Wz96)
  • Oryx (TAR-21)
  • Longhorn (AUG-A3)

Fas's gun pack Edit

  • HK-416
  • AK-47
  • HK-G36
  • ARX-160
  • SAR-21


  • AK-12

The Gun Box Edit

  • ACR
  • SCAR-H
  • AK-47 Tactical

Kiket's Guns Edit

  • SG 553
  • QBZ-95
  • AN-94
  • M16
  • CZ-805

Lunar's Guns Edit

  • SCAR-L

Bacon Strike Edit

  • Mk 18 Mod 0
  • SCAR-H
  • AK-12
  • AUG A3
  • SG553

Ranged Warfare Pack Edit

  • SCAR-L
  • SIG556
  • M16A3
  • AEK-971

Domination Pack Edit

  • ASh 12.7
  • MR-C

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