Longhorn Desert is a arena map currently being made by Commander Keryev and Michal Korvikin from Lars Goran Lindgren. It is a large, desert-type area with multiple locations. It is Small map size. The map is unique, as it uses Shotguns as arena weapons as well. It is soon to be incorporated into the large map known as Sanders County.

Locations Edit

  • LeBonham Auto Garage
  • Pantera(Shadowstalker Mk.II location)
  • Doom Valley
  • Driver Racetrack
  • Geben-Newell Farm
  • Omega City
  • Stahlmann Armor Plant
  • Davin Construction
  • Romero Graveyard(Shadowstalker location)
  • Mariontown
  • Gottliebedich Church
  • Gavril Safehaven-Vehicle(Truck)Location
  • Scorpion-7 Plasma Research Facility
  • UFO Crash(unmarked)