Overview Edit

MOTHERN RUSSIA REBORN is a highly rated Workshop Mod located under the Item category. It currently consists of 5 Weapons, 4 Magazines and 1 Attachment. It seems to be a more modern take on the Ranger Weapons.

Weapons Edit

Assault Rifles Edit

AK-12: A Russian Assault Rifle that uses the AK-12 Magazine and the RPK-12 Drum. It allows all Attachments.

Carbines Edit

AKU-12: A Russian Carbine that uses the AK-12 Magazine and RPK-12 Drum. It allows all Attachments and unlike it's Assault Rifle variant, it can be used as a Secondary Weapon.

Shotguns Edit

DBV-12: A Russian Shotgun that uses the DBV-12 Magazine. It allows Grip, Tactical and Sight Attachments.

Light Machine Guns Edit

RPK-12: A Russian Light Machine Gun that uses the RPK-12 Drum Magazine. It allows all Attachments.

Marksman Rifles Edit

SVD-12: A Russian Marksman Rifle that uses the SVD-12 Magazine. It allows all Attachments.

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