Hello everybody! This wiki contains information on modded content for Unturned. If you would please kindly help out when possible, it would be much appreciated.

Welcome to the Unturned Mods Wikia

Hello! This wiki contains informations on modded content for Unturned. Any contributions are much appreciated, and will increase your chances of getting the Admin status.

Rules of the Wiki

Here are the General Rules.

Here are the rules that Administrators have to follow in addition to the General Rules.

Monthly Poll

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Related Websites

Unturned Bunker Wiki

Unturned Forums

Unturned Planet

Mod Creators

If you have a way of contacting someone who has created a highly rated mod for Unturned (Fiffe, Lunar, Fas, ETC), please contact them and request them to contact Commando Droid C1930 so that he may promote them to Moderator in order to freely edit any content they have worked on. Remember to mention that a Wikia account is required.


In order to get the Admin status, you are required to be a very helpful individual all-around, either by editing a lot of pages and contributing to the wiki's integrity, or by helping users with certain things like html code for infoboxes.

To Do

  • Get Templates set up.
  • Create pages for the good mods.
  • Create Maps for Map Mod pages.
  • Create Images for Items/Vehicles.

Latest activity

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  • new page Longhorn Desert
    created by Xenomorph12
    New page: Longhorn Desert is a arena map currently being made by Commander Keryev and Michal Korvikin from Lars Goran Lindgren. It is a large, desert-type area...
    Summary: Made the page


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