Hello! I've decided that i need to set up rules for my Admins, as currently i'm giving them free reign over the wiki.


  1. Do not block a Member of the wiki without a good reason (Griefing, Harassment, ETC), even if it is meant as a harmless joke. Admins will receive 1 Warning and then any violations after that will result in a 1-day Block. You can receive 3 1 Day Blocks. If you continue to abuse your power to block people, you will either be demoted to a normal Wiki User, or you will receive a Year Long-Infinite Ban.
  2. Do NOT delete pages about Mods that are currently under Development. If you do this you will receive a Warning and a 5 Hour block. Any violations past this (up to 3) will result in 1 Day Blocks, and after 3 Violations, you will either be Demoted, or will be block for 1 Week-1 Month, as this is a quick way to kill someone's confidence, so please, do not delete these pages.
  3. Do not undo helpful edits to a page. If you do this you will receive 3 Warnings then 1 Day Blocks. You can, however, undo Category Edits to pages if the current Categories are Outdated or do not fit appropriately with the page.