Wright is a location on the Michigan map.

Location: Edit

Wright is located in the southeast corner of the map.

Features: Edit

It is notably larger than most military bases, excluding Selfridge Military Base. It has things you would expect from a Military Base, such as barracks, towers, aircraft hangars, and armories, but also has things like a hospital, and a badly lit assumed Scorpion-7 bunker.

Spawns: Edit

Wright spawns vanilla American military loot, as well as a forest variant of the American military clothing and Michigan guns. It also drops Scorpion-7 loot in the assumed Scorpion-7 bunker, providing evidence that it actually is Scorpion-7.

Spawns Desert Humvee, Desert Ural, Desert APC, Desert Huey, Desert Tank, Hawk, and Falcon.

Lore: Edit

Wright was one of the last bastions of America's Military, until an attack from the inside caused the downfall of the base, but a few forces were able to escape to Mackinac Island.

Trivia: Edit

  • Wright's real life counterpart is Wright Patterson Military Base.
  • Wright has changed multiple times over the course of development, with material changes, to spawn changes to even entire building changes.
  • The creators of Wright were Pineapple and Wolf of Rose.